Cook Healthy Food like a Chef with Healthy Cooking Class
16 October 2023

You are what you eat! So, make sure you and your family always eat healthy and nutritious food. Even without a culinary degree, you can still cook healthy meals. Want to try it? Register yourself to take part in the Healthy Cooking Class from Happy Healthy Cooking!

Consuming nutritious food is one way to make the body healthier and stronger. You can start from home, by always cooking healthy food and consuming it regularly. In the Healthy Cooking Class from Happy Healthy Cooking, you can learn how to cook healthier food. There will be 4-5 healthy food menus that you can learn every month. And get ready to cook like a chef!


Making daily food healthier is a long-term investment, to improve the quality of life. Because in a healthy body, there is a strong soul. Food that enters the body will also play a role in maintaining the health of the organs within it. As a source of energy, healthy and nutritious food will also have a more positive impact. Wow, it turns out cooking healthy food is a very important thing, huh!


So. Are you ready to become an expert in the culinary field that is healthier and more nutritious? You can make this happen by taking the Healthy Cooking Class from Happy Healthy Cooking!


Cooking a Healthy Food Menu with Experts

In the Healthy Cooking Class cooking class, you will learn to make healthy and nutritious food directly from the experts. Cooking classes will be held once a week and the schedule and menu will be announced via Social Media Instagram @saladmasterindonesia and WhatsApp blast. In the Healthy Cooking Class, you will be guided by a chef who will do a cooking demonstration for approximately one hour. The cooking demonstration will be broadcast live via Live Instagram and Zoom.


Are you interested in taking a cooking class directly on the spot (offline)? You can do that too, bro!


Apart from being guided directly by an experienced chef, cooking classes from Happy Healthy Cooking also use quality pans from SALADMASTER®. It's complete, a combination of healthy, nutritious food menus, taught directly by experts, and the best cooking tools in its class. It's an opportunity that would be a shame to miss.


Why should you cook healthy and nutritious food using a SALADMASTER® pan?

The cooking set from SALADMASTER® has advanced technology and makes cooking possible without oil and water. This will make the cooking time shorter and the food can be eaten more quickly with the family. Not only that, faster healthy cooking will also save you more fuel.


What about the nutrition of the food? Don't worry! Cooking using SALADMASTER® Stainless Steel Cookware can maintain an average of 93% nutrition and is free from metal contamination. The coating on the cooking utensil does not provide chemical reactions to acids and enzymes in food. All healthy and nutritious cooking experiences can be obtained in one weekly cooking class.


Every week, there will be a new menu that we will learn together. Starting from home-cooked food, and modern cooking, to snacks to accompany time with family. Cooking healthy food will be taught step by step which is clear and very easy to follow. You will also be taught cooking techniques that can make food more nutritious. And of course, the food will still have an unforgettable delicious taste.


Still in doubt? Don't worry, everyone can and may take part in the Healthy Cooking Class from Happy Healthy Cooking! Without any charges! How do I register? You can check the cooking class schedule via Instagram @saladmasterindonesia and immediately send a message (DM) to book the class. You can also register for a cooking class by telephone at (021) 31931890 or via WhatsApp message to 081381126761 (Wulan) and 087877657450 (Imah).


Come on, register yourself immediately, and see you at the Healthy Cooking Class from Happy Healthy Cooking. Always healthy greetings!

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