Dr. Widya Murni, MARS
Mengapa saya suka masak dengan saladmaster? Rasa makanan berbeda, karena ternyata bahan kandungan logam titanium 316, membuat rasa makanan berbeda, karena keaslian rasa makananan yang bisa dikonsumsi segera sesudah kita masak. Hanya panci saladmaster yang aman dan bebas kontaminasi logam berat untuk keluarga dan teman yang anda cintai selamanya.
Marisza Cardoba
Founder of Marisza Cardoba Foundation
I am very grateful to get to know Saladmaster, who has helped me serve healthy food at the highest quality. As an autoimmune warrior, consuming a truly clean intake without being contaminated with harmful substances is very important to maintain my body so that the symptoms of autoimmune can be controlled. Hopefully more and more layers of society, especially the autoimmune warriors, can access this best cooking equipment so that their quality of life and health can be better.
Lina Ali
The reason why I love Saladmaster is because not only its pans can avoid the heavy metal toxins to our meals, but its convenience in cooking dishes also retains up to 93% of our foods’ nutrients, which gives off a healthy, natural taste in our dishes. Healthy cookware makes a healthy and happy family.
Rena Basuki
Autoimmune Disease Survivor
44 Tahun tingkat stress yang tinggi, pola hidup yang serba tidak teratur, membawa jalan hidup saya pada diagnosa Autoimun di tahun 2013 dengan jenis Rhematoid artritis (RA), AntiphospholipidAntibody Syndrome (APS), Sjogrens Syndrome (SS), Giant Cell Arthitis, mengalami gagal nafas karena alergi yang berlebihan (Anafilaksis), masuk ICU dan tubuh saya menolak berbagai terapi medis yang diberikan, akhirnya saya mulai menjalani pola hidup alami dan di Tahun 2016 saya bertemu Salad Master, dengan Nutrisi yang maksimal kondisi saya makin baik dan bisa mempertahankan kondisi tubuh saya, dan Salad Master sudah merubah hidup saya dan sudah membantu menjadikan makanan saya menjadi obat setelah bertahun tahun berjuang bersama Autoimun dan Multiple drug alergi, Terimakasih tak terhingga buat Happy Healthy Cooking(HHC) dan Salad Master yang membuat hidup saya dan keluarga lebih baik.
Jenice Crawford
We have been using stainless steel waterless cookware since we first got married 45 years ago in March, 1967 and absolutely love it. Before I got married my parents bought me a set of stainless steel waterless cookware, but a different brand then Salad Master. A short time after we were married some friends of ours had a hostess party for Salad Master and because we loved using the waterless cookware that we had we wanted to add a couple of the Salad Master pans to our collection. We bought the 3 qt pan and the steamer insert along with a 1 qt pan. We quickly decided that we liked the Salad Master brand even better then our other brand in that the pans are easier to get sealed. so we ended up buying some more pieces of it. After nearly 45 years of constant use our pans are still like brand new and we enjoy using them every bit as much now as we did the first day that we used them. They are great and we would definitely recommend them to everyone.
Testimony from Consultants
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