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Starting with the desire to change the family's lifestyle through a healthy diet, Faye and Ben Gunawan came up with the concept of Happy Healthy Cooking through Saladmaster®. Our meeting with premium cookware that has this unique cooking system, through a home cooking show while still living in Los Angeles, USA, in 2006. Since then we have decided to share the secrets of a healthy lifestyle by cooking with Saladmaster®.


Why Choose Saladmaster®?

One of Faye and Ben's main goals in introducing Saladmaster Professional Set® in Indonesia is to continue the healthy lifestyle success they have experienced with Saladmaster®. Saladmaster waterless cookware is made of Stainless steel 316 Titanium which is able to maintain an average nutrition of 93% and is free from metal contamination. This layer does not provide chemical reactions to acids and enzymes in food.


Saladmaster Stainless Steel Cookware® is equipped with Vapo-Valve™ Technology, which is a semi-vacuum cooking technology that can lock oxidized ingredients from the air and works like an alarm that will notify you to reduce heat when the temperature reaches 87°C. This advanced technology maximizes nutrition by cooking without water and oil and makes cooking times shorter. Of course, you become more fuel efficient.


Saladmaster® understands how important every nutritional food ingredient is in cooking and keeps it for you and your family.


The Business Opportunity With Saladmaster®

Not only does making families at home healthier, but Saladmaster® also provides business opportunities for those of you who have dreams and want to achieve them.


Since starting Happy Healthy Cooking with Saladmaster®, Ben, and Faye Gunawan have inspired thousands of families to transform healthier cooking systems at home with Saladmaster® to reach the Elite Master Dealer level.


Saladmaster jakarta® helps express love and care by making your wishes and your family's dreams come true. By sharing Saladmaster® healthy lifestyle secrets with many people, you can inspire others to become leaders in the kitchen as well as successful in business.


Investment in Health Cookware From Generation to Generation

Also through Saladmaster®, Faye and Ben want to invite the younger generation not to hesitate to return to the kitchen to start cooking using this Limited Lifetime Warranty cookware. You can even inspire and pass on the concept of healthy cooking to all family members through this sophisticated cooking tool.


Faye and Ben's mission is to inspire young families to serve Indonesian cuisine that is rich in herbs and spices and can taste its nutrition. With Saladmaster®, not only does it make the kitchen feel more luxurious, but it also makes cooking activities easier, fun, and of course healthy for all family members. Come on, back to the kitchen with Saladmaster®!


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